Leslie Udom Jr. is cast in the series "Love in the Time of Corona"

Leslie Udom Jr. is cast in the series “Love in the Time of Corona”

Leslie Odom Jr. Looking for “Love in the Corona’s Time”: Veterinarian “Hamilton” and “Smash” will appear in Freeform’s limited series of events, along with his real-life wife Nicolette Robinson (“The Affair”), and both will also act as executive producers.

He also joins cast cast Tommy Dorman (“13 Reasons Why”), Rene Kowallley (“Man’s Frenzy”), Jill Bellows (“Patriot”, “Allie Macbill”), Ria Kelstedt (“Bold Type”, “Magic”) and Ava Bellows (“This Too Shall Pass”) and L. Scott Scdwell (“All Rise” and “Lost”).

A four-part series, created by Joanna Johnson (Good Problem), follows four interlocking stories about the hoped-for search for love and contact during quarantine imposed by coronaviruses. The show starts production today in Los Angeles, using remote technologies to portray actual talent homes.

Udom Jr. and Robinson will play James and Sade, “The couple who lived a somewhat separate life: He has a busy career keeping him on the road, and she is at home raising her daughter,” according to the official summary. “Once the epidemic puts them under one roof, their time together leads them to reassess their relationship and priorities.”

Dorfman and Coolli took part in their role as successful non-duo Oscar designer and ambitious singer-songwriter Elie, respectively, whose “Platonic friendship mostly became increasingly complex as Oscar’s recent online history progressed toward the area of ​​relationship quite as the neighbor’s prosperity of Elle began.”

Pillows, his real-life wife Kelstst and their daughter Ava, depict a family that reluctantly isolates the stone, although they quietly separated months ago, when their daughter returns home from college.

Caldwell completes the cast as Nanda, a stubborn woman who cannot celebrate her fiftieth marriage with her husband (superstar Charlie Robinson, “My Mother”) after closing his rehabilitation facility as a result of COVID-19.

The movie “Love in the Time of Corona” is scheduled to premier in August.

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