Lewis Hamilton says the F1 lacks leadership in combating racism

Lewis Hamilton says the F1 lacks leadership in combating racism

The 35-year-old’s comments came after winning the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday as he was frustrated by the lack of unity in the show.

Hamilton wore a Black Lives Matter shirt when he took his knee before the race, but many other drivers arrived late to the rally, which was organized before the last three races, or remained standing.

“There is definitely not enough support for that,” Hamilton told reporters. “It looks like he’s off the agenda. He lacks leadership.

“From the drivers point of view, it appears that many think they have done this once and will not do it again.”

The ruling world champion described the lack of teamwork as “embarrassing” in a post-race social media post and urged sports governing bodies to focus more.

“As a sport we need to do much more than that. It is embarrassing that many teams have not made any general commitment to diversity or that we have not been able to find the right time to make a symbolic gesture to support an end to racism before the race,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Today I felt impulsive and largely lacking in organization and effort, which in turn weakens the message and makes it appear as though something is more important.”

CNN contacted the Grand Prix Drivers Association for a comment, but has not yet received a response.

F1 confirms commitment

The Mercedes driver also said he would contact FIA President Jean Todd to encourage the sport to deliver a more coherent message.

“We haven’t made any progress. We haven’t changed anything. You need a leader. Where’s Jan?” [Todt] In this scenario?

“It shouldn’t be up to me to summon teams because they are not responsible for this issue. It must come from the top to the top and the higher forces pulling the strings.”

The International Motor Federation, the governing body of motorsport, has reaffirmed its commitment to fighting global racism and recently pledged 1 million euros to promote diversity in sport.

Formula One issued a statement in response to Hamilton’s latest comments, confirming her dedication to combating all forms of discrimination.

“Ending racism, increasing diversity and inclusion in Formula One is a clear priority and something that everyone can support,” she wrote.

“We laid out our plans for diversification and inclusion last November and announced in recent weeks additional plans to create a team to tackle these issues and a foundation with over a million dollars already donated to create apprenticeships and job opportunities for less-represented groups. We want to make a lasting difference and work to do so “.

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