Lewis Hamilton travels to the GP Hungarian victory with Max Verstappen in second place after the collision

Lewis Hamilton travels to the GP Hungarian victory with Max Verstappen in second place after the collision

The notable victory, by his archrival Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari on the road, was 86 of his career and is putting him firmly on his way to a seventh world title at the end of the coronavirus shortening season.

Dutchman Max Verstappen finished second in the brilliant second place, regaining his composure after the pre-race accident that made him lose control of Red Bull on a surface left by the rain due to falling into the barriers.

Verstappen managed to take care of his damaged car back to the network where his mechanics worked fiercely to influence repair and enable him to start.

“I just want to say incredible work guys, thank you very much,” Verstappen said on the team’s radio.

Hamilton teammate Valtteri Bottas completed the platform, which was hampered by an unfortunate start that made him slip from second to sixth, lost his lead in the title arrangement in the process, and now lags six times five times to the champion.

Changing weather conditions were the factor as Verstappen was left with a red face and also entered a role early in the third race of the season with cars entering the early pit stop for changing from medium to thin tires in drying conditions.

Hamilton quickly built a lead and was never challenged, having enough time to pause an additional stop near the end of the 70 laps to change to a faster, smoother frame to set the fastest lap in the race and claim an additional point.

His eighth victory in Hungaroring made him match the previous Formula 1 record for Michael Schumacher, who scored eight wins in the French Grand Prix at Magny-Coors.

Hamilton is also rapidly approaching the record set by Schumacher with 91 wins, and this is the superiority of Mercedes, and there will be little bet against him in achieving this season.

Behind the first three, Lance Stroll finished excellent for the improved Racing Point team, as first-team fellow Alex Albon worked his way through the field to fifth place ahead of Vettel in Ferrari under performance under the leadership of Charles Locklear as he faced miserable time in 11th place.

Take the knee

Before the race, Hamilton, who was outspoken on issues of racism in sports, rode his knee to support the Black Lives Matter campaign, wearing the Black Lives Matter shirt.

However, as in the previous two races in Austria, there was a lack of unity among drivers in the knee with some choosing not to make the signal.

Lewis Hamilton, Formula One's Conscience and Voice

Hamilton, only fourth behind Potas in the opening game after receiving a penalty, was again charged with two consecutive victories and two leaders.

“I definitely feel that the first round had different punches that I might not have prepared for,” he said.

“I refocused and the last two were great. We were at some point this whole weekend. We need to try to keep this up.”

For Verstappen, who had to fight to fend off Potash on the last lap, second place was a bonus.

“I was very happy with the second, because I thought I wouldn’t race. So the second is like victory today.”

The tournament is now moving to the major Hamilton track in Silverstone in two weeks for a series of races with the Spanish and other Belgian races only scheduled for the time being.

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