Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp urges fans not to gather at the celebration

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp urges fans not to gather at the celebration

In an open letter published in Liverpool EchoHe said that while he appreciated the support, he was “disliked” by scenes on the city’s waterfront on Friday when people ignored police warnings and took part in the streets.

Merseyside police reported that many people were injured in the celebrations and that fireworks were targeting the city’s famous liver building, causing a small fire, as the police participated in a number of violent confrontations.

Thousands also gathered outside Anfield on Thursday after Liverpool confirmed the England champion.

“I am a human being and your passion is my passion, but now the most important thing is that we do not have this kind of public gathering,” Klopp wrote.

“We owe it to the most vulnerable groups in our society, to the health workers who have given so much and to whom we applauded and to the police and local authorities who help us as a club not to do so.

“Please – celebrate – but celebrate in a safe way and in private places, where we do not risk spreading this terrible disease in our society.”

According to a report, the UK has 311,151 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 43,550 deaths The last numbers.

“Please stay home”

Over the weekend, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson repeated his appeal to fans not to gather and said he was disappointed by those who ignored the club’s warnings, health experts and authorities.

“For me, it was very disappointing because the message we sent after Thursday’s gathering outside Anfield was related to the general health and safety message about Covid-19 and the fact that this virus is still alive and kicking,” he said. In a video posted on Twitter.

“I say what I say in sorrow, not in anger, because people’s lives, your lives, and their lives are at risk.”

The club repeatedly asked its supporters not to gather outside the stadiums before, during or after the remaining fixtures.

Liverpool face Manchester City in the Premier League on Thursday before returning to Anfield to play Aston Villa on Sunday.

Klopp promised fans that they’d get a chance to celebrate with the team one day, but only when it’s safe.

“When the time is right, we will celebrate. We will enjoy this moment and will paint the city in red. But for the time being, please stay at home as much as possible.”

“This is not the time to be in the city center in large numbers or approaching soccer fields.”

He added: “I already knew and liked the German word Solidarit├Ąt before I came to Liverpool and now I know that the English word is solidarity because I heard that it was used by our supporters during the past few months.

“For me, it is the word more than any other word that captures what the people of Liverpool are all about. That is why they came together to make personal protective equipment, which is why they delivered food parcels and medicines to people when they need them most and for this reason they come together in many different ways. During this difficult time. “

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