Ludacris opens up on the memory of George Floyd and reaches a new generation of listeners

Ludacris opens up on the memory of George Floyd and reaches a new generation of listeners

“I think what affected me the most [being there] He was able to see him [Floyd’s] His family and we hear from his family members, “Ludacris says to CNN,” it all belongs to the new generation. And that’s what I took from that is that we need to make sure and make sure that his children and all children around the world have a better world to live in when they reach our age. “

Before Floyd’s tragic death, Ludacris He was already working to help eliminate racial prejudice through a new media platform called Kid Nation. Kid Nation was developed with his business partner Sandy Lal, and aims to teach children current events, often through music.

The duo plans to fully launch the platform in the fall, but has advanced in releasing two new songs related to current events. They collaborated with different groups of children, who sing songs, while Ludacris created lyrics and melodies.

“This is a completely new outlook on entertainment and music for children. I feel very old landscapes are the best word I can use in terms of what children music is available in an instant. And I think in the general scene, we have a lot of adult music that children love to listen to,” he says. , But not enough kids’ music that adults also love to listen to. “

The two songs “Cohesion” about racial unity and “keep clean” about hygiene come at a time when a lot of home schooling is taking place and we need to raise awareness of racial equality, our safety and our children’s health, says Ludacris.

“Because we are at the peak not only of Covid-19, but we are also at the height of the racial division that has started to make a small and positive change, and we want to help with that change,” he says, as his first song is called “Get Long.” (Watch Here.)

“We try to ensure the future of children everywhere – of all races and different races – because we feel that love is the solution. Love will always be. Love rises from hate.”

Before writing songs, Ludacris spoke to groups of children “trying to hear their voice and translate that voice” for adults. Taking their concerns and creating words and melodies that convey the innocence of childhood. “This is kind of like the basic message of what this whole platform will be, and it reminds people of this purity,” he says. “Once you are reminded of this purity, it can erase and eliminate a lot of unpleasant thoughts that are on people’s minds.”

“I hope I can change the world between you and me / I hope I can make the world blind in colors,” read the words “Get Along.”

The phrase “keep clean” will be issued then, which, as Ludacris says, has a humorous hook that repeats, “Wash your hands, wash your hands after washing / brushing your teeth immediately after eating.”

“You will be surprised by the impact of these songs,” he says.

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