`` Hamilton '' review: Disney + fan movie gives front row seat worth waiting

Lyn Manuel Miranda responds to criticism of “slave Hamilton”

While it boasts a variety including Creator and star Lyn Manuel Miranda Of Puerto Rican origin “Hamilton” He was criticized By those who believe that they do not accurately portray the horrors of slavery and obscurity about the role played by the founding fathers of America.

It is a debate that kicked off after the movie “Hamilton” premiered on Broadway in 2015 and expanded with the film’s release at a time of intense focus on the Black Lives Matters movement.

The creator and star of the program, Lyn Manuel Miranda, responded to the criticism on Twitter Monday after a series of notes written by author Tracy Clayton.

Clayton, who hosts Netflix’s podcast “Strong Black Legends”, tweeted, “I’m late with Hamilton’s criticism stuff and I’m clearly biased but … I really love this conversation happening.”

“The theatrical Hamilton and the movie presented us in two different worlds and our willingness to question things this way seems like a clear sign of change,” she wrote.

Clayton wrote on Twitter: “I am completely disappointed that it is a theatrical landlord non slave play.” “I felt it in a lot of things that I watch, but I do bend the same muscle that I use when I listen to hip hop as a black woman. We enjoy hard things all the time.”

“After reading the criticism, I would have appreciated more context about Hamilton and slavery. But to include it with the colossus of Columbus and Robert E. Lee this conversation denies the nuances that it deserves and we are able to give it that.”

She also noted that “humans are flawed and messy, whether they lived at the time or those who read and write about them now.”

Miranda tweeted his appreciation for Clayton and wrote, “All criticism is correct.”

“I couldn’t get the huge load from the complications and failures of these people,” he tweeted. “Or I struggled, but I broke up. It took me 6 years to destroy as much music as I could in 2.5 hours. I did my best. Everything is fair.”

Clayton and Miranda have long appreciated each other. she He talked about being a fan of the show And Miranda I met.

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