TN police force reshuffle

Mahesh Kumar Agarwal, IPS, appointed new Commissioner of Chennai Police; Other changes to the TN Police Force

Amid continuous protests in Thotukudi about the death of two shopkeepers while in custody in Tamil Nadu, a major reshuffle of IPS officers took place in Tamil Nadu. The TN government has replaced Chennai Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan, IPS, in a major move alongside the transfer of 38 other IPS officers across the state.

According to the order of Home Minister, Mahesh Kumar Agarwal, IPS, ADGP (Operations) has been appointed as the new Commissioner of Greater Chennai Police. As for Viswanathan, IPS, it has now been published as the Tamil Nadu government announced the upgrade, and the transfer of 39 IPS officers.

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Who is Mahesh Kumar Agarwal, IPS?

Mahesh Kumar Agarwal is an officer in the Indian Police Service in 1994, before he served as ADGP (Operations), held various senior positions in the Force. He served as the Inspector General of Police in the Crime Branch – Criminal Investigation Department. He was also the police commissioner in Madurai before that.

List of all transferred IPS officers in TN

  1. Chennai Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan, IPS, is now ADGP (Operations).
  2. ADGP Mahesh Kumar Agarwal is the new Chennai Police Commissioner.
  3. Dilvanvaya DGP Uniformed Sunil Kumar has been transferred to the State Human Rights Commission DGP.
  4. Davidson Devasarvatam, who was appointed as Madurai Police Commissioner, was renamed ADGP ADGP Technical Division.
  5. ADGP Ravi was transferred to the Special Police Corrosion Department.
  6. IG Jayaram is set in IG Central District.
  7. Madhya Pradesh IG Amalraj Madras. He was appointed IG chief.
  8. Chennai IG Ganesamoorthy IG was appointed to the Economic Crime Unit.
  9. Additional Commissioner of North Chennai Dinakaran – Chennai has been appointed as Additional Commissioner of the South Region.
  10. Additional Commissioner for Chennai Aaron Traffic has been appointed as additional Commissioner.
  11. Tirupur Police Commissioner Sanjay Kumar appointed as IG post in Madras Technical Department
  12. Lohanathan, who was appointed as the general manager of Tangai, was promoted to the position of Trichy Police Commissioner.
  13. The Northern Joint Commissioner of Chennai, Kabel Kumar has been promoted and C Sarathkar IG has been appointed as CBCID IG.
  14. DIG Kannan has been upgraded to IGP and has been appointed additional Transport Commissioner in Madras.
  15. Santosh Kumar, Villupuram DIG, was promoted to the position of Madras Police Commissioner and appointed to IG.
  16. Kanchipuram DIG was promoted to additional position as Madras Central Crime Branch in Madras.
  17. Coimbatore DIG Karthikeyan has been promoted to IG and appointed as Tirupur Police Commissioner.
  18. Dindigul DIG Joshi Nirmalkumar has been upgraded to IG and has been appointed to the Chennai Extension Division IG.
  19. The Coast Guard Group DIG Bhuvaneshwari has been upgraded to IG and designated as Chennai IG (General).
  20. Trichy DIG Balakrishnan has been relocated and appointed as Joint Commissioner of North Chennai.
  21. The Joint Commissioner of West Chennai, Vijayakumari, has been transferred to the Coast Guard Group (DIG).
  22. Maheshwari, Co-Commissioner of South Chennai, has been appointed as Joint Commissioner of Police, Chennai Police.
  23. The Joint Commissioner of South Chennai District Yilarasan Velopuram Transfer has been converted to DIG.
  24. DIG Senthil Kumari has been appointed to the Chennai Armed Forces as General Manager of Chennai Headquarters.
  25. Madurai DIG Annie Vijaya has been converted to Trichy DIG.
  26. Chennai DIG (Management) Narendran Nair has successfully transformed Coimbatore DIG.
  27. Ramanathapuram DIG Rupesh Kumar Meena Tanjay has been converted to DIG.
  28. Abhishek Dixit, located in the suburbs, has been upgraded to DIG and continues to be DIG.
  29. Mallika, which is CBCID Criminal Investigation-2 SP, has been upgraded to DIG.
  30. The Kanchipuram SP Chamundiswari area has been upgraded to DIG and Kanchipuram continues as Saraka DIG.
  31. Lakshmi, the deputy head of the Community Intelligence Unit, was appointed as the co-commissioner of the Transportation Department of Chennai (Southern).
  32. Rajeshwari was promoted as a DIG from Madhya Pradesh and appointed to the DIG of the Chennai Armed Forces.
  33. SP Uniformed The Pandian has been upgraded to DIG Chennai the railway has been set as DIG.
  34. Deputy Commissioner Anna Nagar Motosami was upgraded to DIG and Dindigul upgraded to DIG.
  35. Deputy Commissioner of Transport in Madras (Southern) Mayilvaganan has been promoted to DIG and Ramanathapuram has been appointed to DIG.
  36. Radhakrishnan, Deputy Commissioner of Security Department, Chennai, was appointed at Villupuram SP.

NB: Some entries have been removed pending verification in order of government. The article will be duly updated.

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