Mark Colombo is the ideal Giants coach for Andrew Thomas

Mark Colombo is the ideal Giants coach for Andrew Thomas

At some point, Andrew Thomas will receive some special attention. He is a long-bodyed and heavily armed beginner who needs field training from someone with the size and experience to prove to Thomas what he must do to make him big as an offensive tackle for NFL.

There are benefits to talking about what to do, and it is best if these discussions are followed up by showing you how to do it. Mark Colombo, the great dude, can look down on Thomas 6 feet 5 and it won’t take long for Giants from the first year winding from Georgia to realize that the offensive coach is standing permanently above.

“I want to tell you, if he got these players playing as he was doing … It was tougher than it was now,” Dan Shunka, general manager and National Scout scout for NFL disclosure services in Ourlads, told The Posts. “I’m sure he will coach these guys, when they get a punch he will make them bite people. Mark was knocking your ass while he was punching and he was a very physical player.”

Thomas, in particular, should benefit from Colombo’s work with him on a daily basis. Colombo has not been in this for a long time, as it brings four years of work with offensive cowboys in cowboys on his new mission with giants. Nevertheless, Colombo based his 10-year career playing NFL on durability and using his size (6 feet – 8, 315 lbs) to gain an advantage. Thomas was considered the most NFL-ready processing in a draft NFL – generally ranked fourth – and is expected to rapidly rise to the top of the deep reservation pattern with Nate Solder as the starting treatment. The last entry-level treat, Matt Bert, is longer (6 by 7) than Thomas and has a longer arm, although Bert will likely spend his first season growing stronger.

“We are different animals, different breeds, and we have different training,” said Shawn O’Hara, starting center for the Super Bowl XLII team of giants. “When you have an O-line trainer that can literally show you how to kick-slip or,” Hey, I’ve dealt with it. “I’ve got these long, slender long interventions, Andrew Thomas and Matt Burt – guess what Mark Colombo was when he went out? It was a long and slender selection from the first round.” I’m having a drop, how do I deal with that? How do I stop the internal move as a tall tall man? I have to find a way to fix all of that. “He can show you because he did that.”

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One of the former giants, ex-giants Chris Sunny, a former colleges fellow at Colombo at Boston College, says he believes Colombo will help Thomas “tremendously”. . “

Later this summer, Colombo will finally reach Thomas’ size personally and the real work will begin.

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