Masahiro Tanaka will wear this protective gear after the Yankees return

Masahiro Tanaka will wear this protective gear after the Yankees return

Masahiro Tanaka seemed quite certain that he would wear a protective piece to his hat on Saturday night when he starts his first season against Red Sox.

He was determined that he would not be surprised by the memory struck in the head on July 4 by Giancarlo Stanton’s lining that was clocked at 112 mph and left with a concussion.

“When I went to the hill in Scranton, I didn’t think about it at all,” Tanaka said in a phone call Friday afternoon before the Yankees’ 5-1 victory over Red Sox. He faced strikes at the alternative Yankees site earlier this week. “However, I think I should be okay.”

As for the entry that will be worn on the right side of his cap in the area hit by the ball and sent to the dirt, Tanaka said he was suggested by the medical staff.

Masahiro Tanaka
Masahiro TanakaCorey Cepkin

“I think I’m going to wear this in the game [Saturday]. I didn’t know that. The coaches recommended and wanted to know if I wanted to try it, ”Tanaka said.“ I was on it even though I tried it. Actually it turned out that it didn’t bother me at all. You kind of forget that he’s there. So when I felt this might work and just give me peace of mind, it obviously would protect me somewhat as well. This is why I probably use this on [Saturday’s] Toy.”

Asked how deep he was in facing Red Sox, Tanaka said until he was removed from the match.

“I’m not sure how many stadiums I’ll get. We’ll see. Just compete on the hill even [Boone] Tanaka said, “Take the ball from me.”

In addition to the time lost due to concussion, Tanaka faced challenges working around the obstacles presented by COVID-19.

“Given the situation we live in, it is challenging, but every player is in the same position,” Tanaka said. “So there really is no excuse for that. My mind so it is just going there and competing and being the best possible version.”

With COVID-19 hitting Marlins, forcing them and Phillies to stop their seasons and postponing the Cardinals-Brewers match on Friday night, Tanaka tackled the problem.

“I feel like this was almost expected. In this sense, I don’t feel overly shocked or overly anxious, but this is clearly a matter of concern,” Tanaka said. “I think it’s kind of a reminder that we really need to be responsible for the work and behavior that We are taking. “

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