Mets' Edwin Diaz has a solution to end his problems

Mets’ Edwin Diaz has a solution to end his problems

Atlanta – Edwin Diaz’s solution to reviving his season and career Mets is to promote often.

During Friday’s meeting with Director Luis Rojas, Deputy Coach Jeremy Hefner and Assistant Monument Coach Jeremy Acardo, the Savior blamed his poor performance last night against Red Sox for the rust. His message to the group was that he needed to deliver more, not less.

“It has been five days since the last time I was thrown, so I felt I had no orderly mechanics,” Diaz said before the Mets team suffered an overwhelming loss to 11-1 before the Braves team. A lot at that point.

“Five days without a presentation is not the same when you are more and more used to promoting three days in a row or sometimes one day and two days later. It is a little different when you have a lot of layoff time.”

Diaz, who did not meet on Friday, confronted five fighters on Thursday and allowed four of them to reach the base after they entered the ninth game. Included were walking twice and hitting hitting.

Edwin Diaz
Edwin DiazNew York: Charles Winsburg

As disturbing as Diaz’s results were to Rojas, this was also the way the archer exploded emotionally if he did not receive a call or perform a tone as planned.

Rojas said: “It is clear that things exist.” “We talked a little bit about the emotional part. During the half he was also familiar with it, so it was a really good conversation between coaches and players just to get things back on the right track where they could be.”

This was in contrast to Diaz’s performance last Saturday, when one of the stadiums – which Marcel Ozona had tied on the right-field fence with two ninth-exit exits in Citi Field – set him off with a heavy blow against the brave.

The Mets have other elevated options in the late roles, with the availability of Seth Lugo, Dellin Betances, Jeurys Familia and Justin Wilson, so Diaz could collide with a less powerful role to get on the right track. But Rojas was not about to say whether he was planning to change Diaz.

Diaz said: “I am ready to go whenever I want to, and this does not concern me.” “It is just one of those things that I would like to do repeatedly instead of getting those long haircuts.”

Rojas was removed from the role of earliest last year during the disastrous first season with Mets. He returned to a closer role on the opening day of this season, but now his grip on the job appears to be weak. He was asked if he still considers himself a closer Mets.

“I feel like I have things to be closer,” Diaz said. “I have proven over the past four or five years that I have things and I can be closer because I have done it before. Whether I am here or anywhere I think I am closer to it.”

Marcus Strowman’s session included strikes on Friday at the Alternate Training Site Mets in Brooklyn and included field exercises.

The right player has pitched four turns, according to Rojas, but Stroman’s return to Mets from a torn calf in the left leg largely depends on his ability to get off the hill to his field.

“He was leaning at full capacity with both sides and now facing strikes,” Rojas said. “The report is that he did a good job he did and some did [pitchers fielding practice] Exercises to test get off the hill and cover it first and do some fields. I heard it was a very fruitful day for us. “

Rojas will not set a timetable for Stroman’s possible return to rotation. David Peterson, who replaced Stroman as rotation, is due to start on Sunday against the Braves team after making a strong Mets performance against Red Sox in his MLB League debut on Tuesday to win the victory.

The Mets placed the catcher Rene Rivera in the list of the hyperextended left elbow and summoned the slander Franklyn Kilome from the alternate training site.

Jeff McNeill said that the team’s first trip since the coronavirus outbreak was “different” – contrary to the fact that Mets suffered a weather delay in New York that prevented them from reaching their hotel until about 5 am on Friday.

We were in the big plane that we usually fly in September [with expanded rosters]McNeill said. “Everyone has been allocated seats so that we can get away as socially as possible. It went well.”

McNeill was asked about a report that Commissioner Rob Manfred threatened to end the season if players did not adhere to the health protocols.

“I know our team does a very good job of following protocols and making sure everyone is safe,” said McNeill. “I didn’t worry about us much. We are doing everything we need to do to stay on the field. I hope the other teams will be like that.”

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