NBA player Thabo Sivulosha, victim of police brutality himself, is opening up to the death of George Floyd

NBA player Thabo Sivulosha, victim of police brutality himself, is opening up to the death of George Floyd

Because, in 2015, he happened to him, when he was injured by the New York City Police and wrongly arrested.

Cefolusha, 36, is a 14-year-old veteran of the NBA from Switzerland who spent this season playing with the Houston Rockets before placing the pandemic as Covid 19 season. On Wednesday in Atlanta, he told CNN he could see himself in George Floyd, who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis.

“I think every black man in America, in my opinion, 14 years ago I lived here, could feel this way,” Sivulusha said. “It’s that ultimate thug. … I think it’s just an abuse of power that I saw in pre-school, bullying in middle school, and at a high level that people are tired and something must be done around it.”

In the early hours of April 8, 2015, Sivulocha was arrested, then with the Atlanta Hawks, then his teammate, Pero Antik, from Macedonia, near the place where Chris Copeland attacker Andiana Pissers and two women were stabbed outside a nightclub in New York.

The police said that Sivolusha and Antik were not involved in the stabbing incident, but were charged with misdemeanors, including disorderly conduct and obstruction of government administration.

Shortly after the accident, TMZ released a video clip showing a group of police officers arresting Sivulocha 6 feet and taking him to the ground. An officer in that group also appears to take out a stick and extend it close to it, but the cause of the injury may not be clear in the video. Sivulocha seems to limp while the officers drive him away.

Sivulocha, who was injured by broken shrapnel and damaged in Rabat upon his arrest, said after the accident that the police had caused his injuries. Had to miss the rest of the regular season for 2015 and beyond the entire season.

A New York jury found Sivulocha not guilty on three counts of misdemeanor. The charges against Antik, who is white, were rejected. Sivolusha later sued five police officers for $ 4 million.

“It all happened so quickly that at the moment I was truly, respectful, and at the same time defending a position that I had the right to defend,” Sivulusha told CNN. “It all escalated so fast that it was hard to just look back, just sit in a dungeon and say,” Well, I didn’t make any mistake. “

He later went on to say: “Really, she is a bully at a high level. This frustrates everyone. I think you only see her now with protest and the level of anger that people feel. I think it’s just enough.”

As for why matters escalated in his case overnight in New York, Sivulusha said it was because of “poor training”.

“The ego is standing in your way, you know, and I think this is one of the main problems when you are a police officer,” Sivulusha said. “You are required a lot as a government employee, as someone who is here to defend society. I think it should be taken with greater pride and humanity, as much as you do work here for people and understand that everyone is going through a lot.

“But as an officer, you are the one who trains. You are from here, supposed to calm the situation and realize what is happening in a split second, you know? Often this is not achieved.”

Sefolosha was asked what was on his mind when he watched Floyd’s video.

“Anger,” Sivulusha said. “And the feeling of complete separation. How can a person do that to another person and just sit on his neck for nine minutes? Deliberately in broad daylight kills a person like this. Anger extends to other officers who are just about watching. What is your goal in life? Why did you decide to Become a police officer? Everything should be questioned at this point so I can’t blame the people on the street just angry.

“I just hope the leadership is a little more fluid and people know exactly what the message is, what they are fighting for and what they want exactly after the protest. We can protest for six years. You protest and then something must come at the end of the matter, you know? But what Is the message? What is the ultimate goal of all this? “

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