NFL and Players Association agree to daily Covid-19 test to start training camps

NFL and Players Association agree to daily Covid-19 test to start training camps

In a periodic note to the CNN obtained, the NFL outlines the examination and testing guidelines that are now applicable. Coronary virus testing will start at the beginning of the training camps and continue for two weeks. Results for those weeks of testing will dictate the transition to testing every day.

The memo says that players must test for the coronavirus twice before entering the team’s facilities for the first time. The tests should be separated for at least 72 hours.

On Monday, Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical doctor, outlined guidelines for a conference call with selected media including ESPN.

“This is a work in progress. There is no finish line with health and safety, and I think this protocol is alive, it breathes documents, which means it will change as we get new information,” Sills said. ESPN mentioned. “They will undoubtedly change over time, which is what we usually see in medicine.”

If the results for all team members are two weeks after the daily test at or less than 5%, then the test will shift to every day.

“Our union is pushing for the strongest testing and tracking protocols to keep our players safe,” said a statement issued by the NFL.

“The test protocols that we agreed upon are one of the critical factors that will help us get back to work safely and give us the best opportunity to play and end the season.”

There may be no pre-season matches

Also on Monday, the National Football Confederation offered the Union of Players the opportunity to play zero advance games, according to a source familiar with the negotiations between the league and the union.

According to the source, the league started in four, a dedicated number of season games before each team. Then this show fell to two games, then to none. The source says that the union did not accept the offer.

George Atallah, assistant director of foreign affairs for the NFL Players Association Posted on Twitter on Monday night Some details about the discussions between the two groups.

“Fine points about discussions between the NFL and the NFLF:

“1. NFL did not offer or give up pre-season matches for us. They had the right to put these (or not) under CBA already.

2. NFL has not waived health and safety issues. We have implemented the best protocols together.

“Of course our union had to defend all of these protections because everyone wanted … to start and most importantly – to end an entire season, but the truth is that we all succumbed to a virus still circulating in our country. In categorical words: No protection, no games, no dollars.” Atallah books.

The examination and test protocol document states that the university will use BioReference Laboratories to administer the examination and testing of the 32 NFL teams. BioReference is the same laboratory that administers NBA and MLS Covid-19 test.

According to the document, players are encouraged to wear “non-intrusive wearable sensor technology” which the association says will measure respiratory function, heart rate and sleep patterns. Players are advised to use the offered antibody test but will not be required to participate.

Team training camps are scheduled to start on July 28.

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