NFL stars raise concerns about NFL protocols for coronavirus safety

NFL stars raise concerns about NFL protocols for coronavirus safety

Super Bowl 2020 MVP Patrick Mahums Fellow Super Bowl award-winning teammates called Drew Bryce and Russell Wilson to step up patrols to ensure the health and safety of players.

“I’m worried. My wife is pregnant,” Wilson tweeted. “The NFL training camp is about to start. There is still a clear plan on player health and family safety. We want to play soccer but we also want to protect our loved ones.”

The 2020-21 season is scheduled to start on September 10, with training camps confirmed to continue as planned on July 28.

He said he was concerned that the NFL was not following the advice of its medical experts.

“We need football! We need sport! We need hope!” chirp. “The NFL’s unwillingness to follow the recommendations of its medical experts will prevent this. If the NFL does not play its part to keep players healthy, there will be no football in 2020. It’s that simple.”

Meanwhile, Houston Texas star star J. Wat has tweeted a list of what players do and don’t know – Especially whether it will be tested every day or every day.

“Men stand for each other.”

The federation said in a statement that all 32 teams participated in a conference call on Friday and were informed of the current launch plan for the patrols for training camps and the season.

“We will continue to implement health and safety protocols developed jointly with the National Football Association, and on the advice of prominent medical experts, including a review of the CDC,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

“We will tackle additional issues in a collaborative way. All decisions will be taken in an effort to put us in a position to play a full regular season and after seasons culminate in the Super Bowl which is the common goal of clubs and players.”

Mahumiz, who recently signed a record contract with Kansas City leaders worth up to $ 503 million, has said he wants the NFL to keep his players safe.

“We are ready to report this week in the hope that the National Football League will agree with the safe and correct protocols so that we feel protected during the sport we love,” he said on Twitter.

As of Friday, 72 players were positive for Covid-19.

“What you see today is that our men defend each other and the work that their union leadership has done to keep everyone safe as possible,” tweeted NFL President JC Triter. “The NFL needs to listen to our guild and adopt #wewanttoplay expert recommendations.”

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