Nik Cordeiro's wife shares an update on his health, when their son turns one year old

Nik Cordeiro’s wife shares an update on his health, when their son turns one year old

“He had a bit of a rocky night, had a fever, and they had to do a little repair with that. Fortunately, all the antibiotics have returned to normal today and that was just a small glimpse that could happen in the intensive care unit,” she said in her stories on Instagram Tuesday. .

But Clutz added that Cordero is now “stable”, and that other CT scans of his lungs may happen this week.

The Lotus update came a few hours before their son’s first birthday. She posted a picture of herself in the hospital since last June when Elvis was in the intensive care unit after his birth.

She wrote in her comment: “When Elvis was born, they rushed him to the neonatal intensive care unit because there was fluid in his lungs.” “He stayed there for two nights, and Nick and I visited him all day,” and we were unable to stop staring at him and ultimately holding him. Incredible NICU nurses! It’s amazing to witness what they do. My man Cordero: Elvis last June at NICU. Nick Jun is in the intensive care unit. These guys are really trying to let me down. “

Cordero remains on a ventilator and has been hospitalized for more than two months due to complications from the virus.

Claus was very outspoken about her husband’s arduous battle He recently said“I was told many times that it wouldn’t work. I was told to say goodbye.” He adds: “He is still here and despite his prospects improving a little, every day is a little better. Where there is faith, there is hope. Where there is hope, there can be a miracle!”

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