One direction celebrates its tenth anniversary with a special gift

One direction celebrates its tenth anniversary with a special gift

It Not the official reunion yet, But on Thursday it was announced that One Direction is celebrating the group’s tenth anniversary with new content.

In honor of this special occasion, the Boy Band will launch a new website for their anniversary and release a festive video specially designed for their fans.

There will also be a release of new interactive playlists as well as reformatted EPs featuring aspects B, rare songs, remixes, live recordings, and audio releases of tracks.

A special website “10 Years One-Way” will be launched on July 23, which marks the actual anniversary of the group.

The site will be set up as a timeline that charts the group’s history, from the first test on the British show “The X Factor”, to the start of its downtime. It will include an archive of music videos, artwork, TV shows, backstage and rarely watched content, all in one place.

Visitors will also be able to create a shareable “mix bar” playlist on the site, which will be customized according to how they interact with the site’s content and the ages they spent most of their time exploring. They will then be able to contact the specified broadcast services to save the song bar playlists to their own accounts.

A video to celebrate the new anniversary will also be released on the same day as the launch of the site. The video will document the highlights of the band’s career, including the special relationship that binds them to their fans.

One direction has been a global phenomenon.

The band has sold more than 200 million records worldwide and has over 21 billion broadcasts across all platforms, according to a release from Legacy Recordings.

Their YouTube channel has more than 31 million subscribers and over 10 billion views, and the total reach of the official social network pages for the domains is 85.9 million (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

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