Pete Davidson, "King of Staten Island", withdrew from theaters

Pete Davidson, “King of Staten Island”, withdrew from theaters

Pete Davidson’s “Staten Island King” was unofficially and mysteriously pulled from car theaters last week, Various reports.

The semi-autobiographical movie, which provides a comic snapshot of the childhood of SNL star Pete Davidson in town, was released instead on Friday for video only.

A car theater owner told the director, “There was no explanation.” “They changed their minds.”

Another theater owner told Variety: “This caused a great deal of bad faith with clients who had bought tickets online appearing on Thursday, 7 pm. It turned out.”

Director Jude Apatow went to Twitter last week to inform enthusiastic fans that they had to wait until Friday to see the movie – at home.

“The King of Staten Island is only opened on Friday VOD. It is not open in the theater.”

Variety said that “insiders” in “Universal” blamed the change on internal misunderstanding.

An unnamed source was quoted as saying that “Staten Island King” was always aiming to premiere exclusively on demand, but some executives inadvertently booked the movie in about 100 theaters.

“When they realized the mistake, the studio went back to the theaters and asked them not to play it.”

This is not the first time that Universal has taken a movie far away from theater owners.

In April, the studio decided to abandon the “Trolls World Tour” release to all cinemas and instead sent it a live video on demand. Many major movie theaters cost hundreds in ticket sales.

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