Policemen sought to re-enact Khan Elijah McLean near the memorial

Policemen sought to re-enact Khan Elijah McLean near the memorial

A Colorado police department has investigated three officers who were allegedly photographed as they reenact the strangled maneuver police in Ilya McLean, near a memorial, a report said Monday.

The officers allegedly took pictures near the place where the Aurora Police arrested and detained McLean shortly before his death in 2019, CBS Denver reportedQuoted from sources familiar with the investigation.

Pictures of the police officers allegedly circulated around the Aurora police station before it was discovered by the Internal Investigation Department and launched an investigation.

The department’s interim police chief said in a statement late Monday night that all the officers involved had been suspended with a salary pending an investigation.

“I learned, on Thursday afternoon, of the allegations reported by an Aurora police officer for home affairs that she alleged that several Aurora police officers were photographed in pictures near the location where Ilya McLean died,” Vanessa Wilson said in the statement.

It immediately ordered internal affairs to make this investigation their first priority. She added that this expedited investigation was completed this evening.

McLean died after police arrested him in Colorado last August after someone called 911 to report his suspicions.

The New York Times reported that officers detained him using the Khan locker and called an ambulance.

Doctors who responded by injecting him with ketamine, and McLean went to cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital.

He died days later for “unspecified” reasons.

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