Portugal criticizes the UK's decision to exclude it from the quarantine list as "ridiculous"

Portugal criticizes the UK’s decision to exclude it from the quarantine list as “ridiculous”

(CNN) – The Portuguese government condemned the British government’s decision not to lift Quarantine For people traveling from the mainland Portugal As “absurd” and “meaningless”, she said, the UK has seven times more cases of coronavirus infection.

Augusto Santos Silva, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, said that Portugal was “very disappointed” to be excluded from the list of countries from which travelers will be exempt from spending two weeks in isolation after arriving in England.

List of exemptions published by The UK government On Friday, it will enter into force on July 10, and includes 59 states and 14 British overseas territories.

“We are very disappointed by this decision taken by the British authorities. We think it is a meaningless and unfair decision. It is ridiculous,” Santos Silva told BBC Radio 4 on Friday.

“The UK has seven times more cases related to Covid-19 than Portugal, so we think this is not the way it treats allies and friends.”

Although he admitted that Portugal had experienced some “specific outbreaks” of Covid 19 in Lisbon, the minister stressed that destinations that are popular with British tourists – such as Algarve – are not hotspots for coronaviruses.

Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal, said the Algarve is a safe place to spend this summer’s vacation.

in a tweet Costa was published on Friday, and included a graph that unfavorably compares the number of Covid-19 cases in the UK with those in the Algarve, adding the words: “Welcome to a safe vacation in Algarve.”
To date, the health authorities in Portugal have registered 1,587 deaths due to the Corona virus. to me Johns Hopkins University44,216 people died from the virus in the United Kingdom.

According to UK government data, about 2.5 million Britons traveled to Portugal last year.

Isabella Tigera and Milna Veselinovich of CNN contributed to the reporting.

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