Qatar's "2022 World Cup" stadium for diamonds in the desert is completed

Qatar’s “2022 World Cup” stadium for diamonds in the desert is completed

The “Diamonds in the Desert” area is called 40,000 seats, and it is one of the eight stadiums that will be used in the competition.

The stadium features a triangle design with intricate diamond-like patterns, and as the sun moves across the sky, the façade will appear to change color.

“What makes this so unique, which is also an important part of our legacy, is its location in the heart of Education City,” said Nasser Al-Khater, CEO of the Organizing Committee for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“Education City has many leading institutions, universities and leading schools, and this will be a stadium that can be used as recreational and sports facilities after the World Cup.”

The stadium is the first from Qatar 2022 to receive five stars from the Global Sustainability Assessment System.

“All of our other stadiums have four stars, and that makes them unique,” said Al-Khater, who is proud that most of the materials used to build the stadium were regionally imported, while 25% of the materials recycled.

The previous two complementing stadiums are the Khalifa International Stadium and the South Stadium.

Organizers expect to open two more stadiums by the end of 2020: Al Rayyan Stadium and Al Bayt Stadium.

Qatar World Cup 2010 award It caused a lot of controversy.

Critics also claimed human rights violations against workers in the Gulf state.

But the organizers stand firm that the country is being distorted internationally

Al-Khater told CNN Sport in late 2019: “Was Qatar treated unfairly? Yes, in my opinion, to a large extent. I think Qatar was ruled by the Cognitive Court very early on.”

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