Rana Daggabati in Haathi Mere Saathi

Rana Dagupati about the death of the pregnant elephant; The star of Haathi Mere Saathi describes it as the cruelest act of mankind

The Bahubali actress Rana Dagubati, awaiting the release of Haathi Mere Saathi, opened up to the recent killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala and said it may be the most severe human act.

The pregnant elephant died recently after feeding unknown people a pineapple full of fireworks. The shocking incident angered social media with many celebrities who condemned him. Rana Dagupati was one of these celebrities, and in his Instagram stories, he mentioned that he was sad for the news.

Rana Deghabati at Haathi Mere SaathiTwitter

Rana Dagupati will be seen as a jungle man living with elephants in his upcoming Indian movie, which was also released in Telugu as Aranya and Kaadan in Tamil. Baahubali shot the movie with real elephants in the woods. He had first hand experience with these animals, as he observed their lives in the woods.

In an interview with The New Indian Express, Rana Dagupati talked about the death of the pregnant elephant and shared his experience working with elephants in the woods. A representative of Telugu said, “After I worked in the woods for Haathi Mere Saathi, I can certainly say that the forest teaches you many things.”

Rana Dagupati added: “It teaches you that creature is important to our planet. As human beings, we do the most unnatural things and remove what is appropriate for the earth. This was perhaps the most cruel act of humankind. We need awareness and education, and tougher laws in place.”

Rana Deghabati at Haathi Mere Saathi

Rana Deghabati at Haathi Mere SaathiTwitter

The actor intensified the role of Bhallala Deva in Baahubali films, while he lost a lot of weight to play jungle in Haathi Mere Saathi from Prabhu Solomon. When asked about his physical transformation, he said that work in Aranya was tougher than the Baahubali series

Rana Dagupati said, “Cinema is a visual medium. Haathi Mere Saathi is the hardest movie I have ever made, and it is coming from someone who filmed Baahubali 2. I had to bear the weight of an elephant’s box, on the shoulders. The trunk weighs easily 160-170 kg. Everyone allows me “One of these films is that I live a new experience. Only cinema can provide that.”

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