'Risk!' Superstar Alex Trippic and his wife give $ 500,000 to help combat homelessness

‘Risk!’ Superstar Alex Trippic and his wife give $ 500,000 to help combat homelessness

The founder and CEO Ken Kraft told CNN that the money would be used to help finance the construction of a new central facility that would include shelter for the homeless, a medical facility, warehouse and administrative for the group.

“I can’t say enough good things about who they are, you know, they forget to donate, just who they are as human beings and individuals,” Kraft said. So it was a pleasure to get to know them on this level. ”

Kraft said that Hope in the Valley has 15 facilities in the San Fernando Valley, including two facilities under construction, serving 839,000 meals annually.

The donation was a big surprise because The couple already gave Hope of the Valley $ 100,000 earlier this yearKraft said.

“Overwhelmed with gratitude”

This gift came almost out of the blue. Kraft said that Trippec called in January and requested a tour of the 85-bed shelter the mission is building in North Hollywood. A few weeks later, Trippik asked Kraft about the expedition’s finances and invited him to his home.

“So we had this great conversation,” Kraft said. “You know, he got into his office and gave me an envelope.”

There was a check for $ 100,000 inside.

Kraft said: “I felt exhausted, and I just said,“ Alex, you don’t know how much this means to us. ”So she hugged him. This was last February, you know, the virus. “

North Hollywood bunker is scheduled to open in July, and Kraft said they named its multi-purpose room the name Tripeaks to show their appreciation.

Trippic arranged for a tour of the building again on Tuesday with Jan and their son Matthew, but Kraft thought they only wanted to check it out, as the construction was almost finished.

At the end of the tour, Kraft said that Jan Trek handed him a check.

“I never received a check for $ 500,000, and I was exposed to the ground. I was shocked at first,” he said. “Then I was overwhelmed with gratitude, because I know how much we can do. The only thing that limits us now is resources.”

Kraft Trips praised for their generosity as Los Angeles is grappling with its homeless crisis.

“Alex and Jan contributed $ 500,000 to the charity because they believe in local and global assistance,” a representative of the couple said in a statement. “They have lived in the valley for more than 30 years, and they want to help support their community. They also believe that the displaced people are just ordinary people who have bad conditions that happen to them, and they deserve help, not judgment.”

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