Sheikh Muhammad Imran was dismissed as Deputy Mayor of Srinagar after his arrest

In a somewhat difficult time, something else is brewing against the Srinagar Mayor, Junid Azim Matu, as he prepares to face the confidence-withdrawing move by the founders of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), in pursuit of his removal from office. This is the second time that Mato faces a floor test. If Matto loses, he may become the former deputy mayor, Sheikh Muhammad Imran, the next Srinagar mayor. It is worth noting that Sheikh Imran was arrested last year in a bank fraud case.

On Thursday, the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress Corporation submitted a no-confidence motion led by Sheikh Imran. They claimed that the mayor lost the majority.

Sheikh Muhammad Imran

In December last year, Mato survived the NCM movement or withheld confidence when he established a majority on the floor of the House. However, before the vote, the then mayor, Sheikh Imran, resigned.

It was only six months and Sheikh Imran in it again. He brought companies back and wanted to get the desired title. The move is now supported by the BJP, Congress and some companies.

Imran was arrested by ACB in 2019

In an alleged embezzlement of dozens of rupees, the anti-corruption bureau arrested Sheikh Imran in December last year.

He had NCM passed on to him and he was removed from the post of vice mayor. This was due to his arrest and interrogation in connection with the unlawful allocation of the support given to his company to establish an Air Control Store (CA).

According to a spokesperson for the Anti-Corruption Bureau, an ACB investigation revealed that the money allocated to build the CA store had been transferred.

A loan to Sheikh Imran Kehwa Group for Rs. 138 crore has been passed with JK Bank for a project. Under a coherent plot, the project was restructured for a mere 78 crore.

When the investigation began, he learned that there were six other business units owned by the Kehwa Group and Sheikh Imran collected various loan facilities and overdraft for these units.

According to an ACB spokesperson, “Liabilities on the loan account have accrued to Rs 138 crore. Since a Kehwa Square company turned into a troubled asset, Imran has sought a one-time settlement with JK Bank authorities.”


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