Sonu Sood comes to the rescue of R...Rajkumar co-star Surendra Rajan stuck in Mumbai

Sonu Sud comes to help R … stranded Rajkumar co-star Surendra Rajan in Mumbai

The closure has been very difficult for a lot of people, and we have very few heroes to look forward to during this time of crisis. Suno Sud happened to be one of them. He was helping migrant workers get home, and he’s now also helping colleagues.

Sonu Sood agreed to help Surendra Rajan who was stranded in Mumbai due to the epidemic. Sono Sood called him who heard about his condition and assured him that he would arrive home by June 18.


Sonu Sood will help Surendra Rajan return home

Since the closure was announced, several people have been arrested in the ring. People who traveled to work suddenly were unable to return to their homes, and those who returned to their homes were unable to leave for some time. In the process, people are stranded in different parts of the country, unwilling for a long time now.

Sonu Sood works to help migrant workers. Everyone praised his relief work and it attracted so much terror that she was able to do what no one could do. A Bollywood actor Surendra Rajan who has been at R … Rajkumar and Munna Bhai MBBS, has been stuck in Mumbai since the announcement of the closure. The actor came to shoot a web series on the city and has not been able to return to Satna ever since.

Sono Sud helps migrant workers


After news of his ordeal reaches Sono, contact Rajan to get hidden details and arrange his trip home. He assured him that he would be on his way by June 18. Rajan was influenced by Sonu’s work and said, “Sonu Black’s work is amazing and I am surprised that a man works this way. One cannot do this unless he has an enormous will to help people from the inside. He does exceptional work and people like Sono Black are rare.”

Rajan, who worked with Sanjay Dutt in MBBS Munna Bhai, said he is close to him and although Dutt sees him as a family, he doesn’t want to bother anyone. Moreover, the owner of the actor in Mumbai was bothering him to rent, and one of his students paid 45,000 rupees on his behalf for 3 months, and he got a share of the RSS he said.

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