Friends star Courteney Cox to

Star Courtney Cox’s friends in “The Scream” for the fifth time with her ex-husband David Arquette

The famous serial killer with Ghostface Scream 4, which hit theaters in 2011, returns again almost a decade later. Yes, you heard that right!

Cry 5 finally happens !! Manufacturers have gone through a long list of celebrities over the years to make Scream 5 bigger and better. Needless to say, the next click will be more terrifying than its previous perks.

Let’s take a look at the movie crew and what the next Scream has in store for us!

Here is the movie crew:

Courtney Cox’s turn to return, according to the deadline. Actress Cougar and Friends Actress will return to her role as Gale Weathers.

Cox shared a video of the famous ghost face of the Horror franchise on Instagram, with the phrase “I can’t wait to see this face again” on the screen.

Courtney’s former husband, David Arquette, already signed the movie two months ago and writes the role of Dewey Riley.

In May, Arquette confirmed that he would reprise his role as sheriff Dewey Riley.

According to reports in daily MailDavid said:

I am happy to play Dewey again and reunite my Scream family, old and new. The scream was a big part of my life, and for both fans and me, I look forward to honoring the legacy of Wes Craven.

And if that was not all, it was rumored that Neve Campbell could return as Sydney Prescott.

Scream 5

On the previous privileges of the movie Scream

Cox played the role of a news reporter in the first four horror films, beginning in 1996 and the last in 2011. All were directed by the late director Wes Craven, who died in 2015.

Scream 5 Provisional Release Date

Matt Betenelli Olpin and Tyler Gillette will manage the fifth installment. Production will soon be in Wilmington, North Carolina, and we may see it sometime next year, 2021.

Are you ready to scream for the fifth time?

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