The image of James Dolan has not changed under the brand new advisor

The image of James Dolan has not changed under the brand new advisor

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What happened to Steve Stout? It has not been heard since the controversial ESPN interview. – Robert

Now in his fifth month, Stott still works as a brand consultant for Knicks responsible for improving James Dolan and Knicks’ photos. But it could not block the last toppointgate.

Stutty, an African American, has a hand in Dolan who finally released a statement on Tuesday relating to the Black Life Movement – which was deliberately distributed on George Floyd’s funeral day.

The statement came, after all other NBA teams said, their article was still seen in some quarters as too late and rubbing Dolan’s critics in the wrong way for being too short and too mysterious. This is the lens through which Dolan is viewed. He couldn’t do anything right even when he was the NBA captain in the appointments of the African-American front desk.

He was appointed on January 23, and Stoute made no progress and provided no service for himself. It was his February appearance on ESPN in which he mentioned that Knicks would bring a new training team to develop young players was bogus. Knicks issued a statement contradicting Stout. You can not make up for it. Interim Mike Miller is still considered as the lead coach.

Under Stoute’s watch, Dolan’s approval level fell further with his unnecessary row with Spike Lee on March 2. Stoute’s goal was to get Charles Oakley back to the park and things deadlocked. The team’s first “team selling” chants rang in the final home games under Stoute. Stoute can only rise from here.

Are you looking at the potential hiring of Thibs in the same way that giants (Tom) Coughlin hired? – Tim

The perfect time for a miserable Knicks has seemed to bring a brave task manager who supports long-standing practices, leadership style and discipline in the old school. However, given the historical events of the past two weeks, Tom Thebodo’s relentless style can make you at least stop at timing. There is a new sensitivity and the emergence of a new school. Remember that Thibodeau was considered a very popular requirement for young players in Minnesota. Kenny Atkinson’s least-tax approach may be more common. Novice chief Leon Rose is more likely to trust his instincts if he thinks a military-type disciplinary system like the Coughlin and a brilliant backdrop with a young list is needed.

Tom Thibudo
Tom ThibudoGetty Images

Why is Mark Jackson not considered a coach. He is the sure winner while making the Warriors out today. He played for Knicks and he is an indigenous New Yorker. Jackson should be the coach and Patrick Ewing should be his assistant. Ralph Decasis

Especially during this moment in history, the Queens product might seem like a clear choice for an interview like in 2018. Jackson didn’t answer a phone message. Jackson deserves to train another coach after his success in Golden State. The blow to Jackson is that he took the easy way out after the Warriors expelled him by returning to the broadcast booth rather than trying his hand as a key assistant.

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I loved Mike Woodson as a coach but why was he fired? During his tenure he was known not to play younger players? Daryl Walker

It’s one of Phil Jackson’s biggest mistakes – not keeping Woodson after the 2013-14 season. Jackson took office in March 2014, and Woodson made a big tour along the stadium to almost steal a playoff deck. That season, after 54 years of historical monuments, he was disoriented with injuries before Woodson corrected the ship. Woodson was ready to train the triangle, but Jackson never spoke to him once the season was over. Jackson hired inexperienced Derek Fischer after retiring as a player and after Steve Kerr withdrew. Woodson might have preferred the Veterans now in win mode, but he wasn’t alienated from the younger players at all. Woodson got the most out of any coach from Carmelo Anthony. There is nothing negative to say about Woodson’s mission as he ended up with the third highest winning percentage in team history (.580, 109-79).

We have a young star in Mitchell Robinson. Why do we need to get Karl-Anthony Towns? – Mike

Why do you think we need cities? (It costs) more than he deserves, and simply didn’t get his team anywhere! – BB

seriously? Mitchell Robinson picked up a five-shot jump in two seasons. It is easy to hit the cities now after a terrible season of injury at the awesome Timberwolf Club. But the first choice # 1 in the draft is a nail – he got his first All-Star berth under Thibodeau’s watch. He’s a professional scorer 22.7 ppg with an average of 11.4 rebounds – still better than Kristaps Porzingis. Rose is his former agent too. However, as we noted, getting a Thibodeau to get a job could block cities as a future goal. Videos of Robinson draining 3s raise but the confidence to do so in the game is different. We hope that Robinson will be unleashed next season and will look at the basket when he gets the ball from 15 feet.

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