Police officers take guard during a protest over the death of George Floyd on May 31, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The judge approves an injunction against the Minneapolis Police

Former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane. Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

A lawyer representing a former police officer charged with the death of George Floyd claims that Floyd was resisting arrest and that his client had suggested that Floyd be deported while the officer was Derek Chauvin He was kneeling on his neck.

Earl Gray, lawyer for the former officer Thomas LaneCamera shots of the scene, described the scene, which have not been publicly announced.

Gray said that if the audience saw full-body camera shots of Lynn, “I think they will have a different opinion.”

Gray said of Floyd: “It was not violent resistance, but it was not the kind of resistance that an individual must do when a police officer apprehends him.”

Lin, 37, was just On strength for four days When he helped curb Floyd, according to his lawyer.

“My client is holding his legs, Mr. Floyd says he can’t breathe and My client told the 20-year-old veteran Chauvin, “Should we roll him?”
Gray asked, “Lynn asked, should we roll him to his side and Officer Chauvin said no.” “We now have a 20-year officer here and a four-day officer in my client.”
“After that, my client says again, do you want to roll him over to his side? This is before the ambulance comes and again he doesn’t roll over to his side.”

Gray said Lynn “did not want to see the man die” and began performing CPR on Floyd.

“My client is holding his feet. When the ambulance comes, my client goes to the ambulance. Four days are on the force … and his CPR starts pressing his chest, which he did for a long period of time, until they reached the machine,” according to Ramadi.

Chauvin, Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao officers were answering a call about a $ 20 fake bill on May 25 when they were holding Floyd.

Chauvin – who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes – was Accused Last Wednesday with a new and more serious count of second degree murders.

It was Kueng, Thao, and Lane Accused Aided and abetted by second degree murder Aided and abetted second degree murder,

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