Harry Rogers, 36, allegedly drove his car through a group of protesters at a Black Lives Matter march in Richmond, Virginia, local officials said.

The Ku Klux Klan leader allegedly ran over the protesters in Virginia, state officials say

Harry Rogers, 36, is charged with attempting a malignant wound, vandalism, assault and battery, and is being held without support. He was summoned to court Monday morning, according to court records online.

Rogers’ next court hearing is scheduled for August 18.

The Henrico County Police Division said in a statement that it had received a call from Richmond police on Sunday regarding an incident that occurred during a protest in Richmond. Affiliated with CNN WTVR She stated that the protest was a black life march, one of the dozen that has occurred across the country since George Floyd’s death last month.

The police said that several witnesses reported that a car “overturned its engine and marched through the demonstrators occupying the road.”

Rogers was arrested, and the victim who called to report the accident was verified by rescue at the scene and refused further treatment, according to the police.

“While I am grateful that the victim’s injuries do not appear to be serious, the attack on peaceful demonstrators is outrageous and despicable and we will be tried to the fullest extent of the law,” Shannon Taylor, Henrico County attorney in the Commonwealth of Henrico said in a statement.

Taylor said in the statement that because of Rogers’ recognized association with KKK, they are investigating whether hate crime charges are appropriate.

CNN contacted Rogers’ lawyer for comment, but she heard no response.

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