The lawsuit: Amazon expelled single mother to bring her son to the position

The lawsuit: Amazon expelled single mother to bring her son to the position

Amazon did not smile when a single mother – and the Army Reserve – moved her 7-year-old son to the office, she claimed, a lawsuit.

Konessa Won, 33, is suing the giant online to break up after she simply takes the boy to drop papers, including his school schedule, which the HR Department has requested.

Won’s suit, filed on June 24 in the Brooklyn Federal Court, claims that Amazon has discriminated against it because it works to care for and serve in the military. Amazon declined to comment on the litigation.

The shooting took place in September – within an hour of the appearance of the mother and son to hand over the documents.

Won and her son went through building security without a problem and waited online at HR before a worker told her that the boy couldn’t be there, court papers say.

The couple immediately went abroad, but Won claims she cannot leave without giving away the documents, which included a copy of her son’s school schedule. The lawsuit does not specify Amazon.

After 40 minutes, a HR delegate came out and interrogated Won about bringing her son to the building. Then the actor left and went back with another employee – and Won was fired immediately, according to court papers.

Won, who had just returned from military leave, was fighting to change the schedule so she could get off and pick up her son from school though, Amazon had repeatedly refused her request, even when she offered to make up for lost time, she said in the lawsuit, which demands Unlimited compensation.

Amazon was criticized in April for not protecting workers in the early days of the coronavirus.

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