The Madison Square Garden aura is unparalleled in New York

The Madison Square Garden aura is unparalleled in New York

The Post this week is taking a fresh look at the “best” history of sports in New York – areas that are equally worth discussing, but not constantly discussed. Today’s edition: New York City’s Best Arena or Stadium.

You can be a basketball star or a hockey player from New York to anywhere, any basketball or hockey player or coach, or any boxer, or any broadcaster or broadcaster. Or you can simply be anyone dreaming of progressing to the largest and brightest stage:

The most famous square in the world.

For the past 52 years over Ben Station, and on Eighth Avenue between 49th and 50th Street for 43 years before that.

Legendary photographer George Kallinsky told The Post: “I can summarize the best of what Frank Sinatra told me.” He said: “There is no circuit or stadium in the world at the Aura Madison Square Garden.”

Kalinsky remembers Sinatra, who dreamed of being a world heavyweight champion, to tell him how happy he was when Howard Kossel presented him as “the world heavyweight” at his 1974 concert which he called “the main event”.

Kalinsky also filmed Elton John and John Lennon when they performed together in the garden, Elvis, and Marc Messier happily hold the Stanley Cup to heaven, Muhammad Ali, Willis Reed limping to the heart of New York forever, and Peggy Fleming a special offer on NBC, and of course Pope John Paul II carrying 6-year-old Geralyn Smith from the legs above Popemobile in 1979.

“There is greatness to it, whatever the event. There is history and magic that no other building has,” Marf Albert told The Post.


Marvelous Marf remembers his ears coming out the night Nix won his first championship. He said: “To this day, I have never heard a loud crowd.”

Mecca basketball.

Brooklyn-born Albert was recruited to report on “Fighting the Century” – Ali Fraser I – for WNBC Radio. Kalinsky trained Sinatra on the photography duties for Life magazine. Albert said: “Entrance to Ali, and to walk in the ring, that was a moment I will not forget.”

Jeff Van Gundy spent 13 seasons on Knicks’ seat as assistant or lead coach.

He told the newspaper, “The Tunnel.” “I think the tunnel represents history, and all the amazing events that happened there. Second, the wonderful moments were – Willis returns, the Stanley Cup championship when I was there, to see Mike Kennan fly through the hallway before our game when they had a motorbike ride review in the park, down the lanes … [Patrick] Ewing a hint of a dunk to put us in [1994] Finals … Larry Johnson’s four-point play.

Madison Square Garden
Madison Square GardenNew York: Tage Barron

“And then the thing that I liked most about training there in particular was the fan base’s passion. It was an incredible help for coaching staff where you could win seven and eight in a row in those days, and if you go out and play the dull first quarter, they will teach you. So they didn’t You have to be the one who always tries to motivate the team. “

Van Gondi remembers how electricity could crack in the garden.

“I have to say Larry Johnson’s four-point play, Pat Riley’s Return [as Heat coach]”For various reasons.” “Both of them raised this amazing intensity.”

For a decade, Adam Graves has enjoyed the warmth of this amazing density of blue seat holders worshiping on the Rangers altar.

“The first time I entered the garden ice, the lights were bright and the building energy was amazing,” said Graves. “It’s hard to put in words. It’s a special feeling. I quickly realized how privileged I was as a guard to summon Madison Square Garden’s house.”

The park shook during the climax of the Middle East conference – when Ewing, Chris Mullen, The Pearl of Washington, Eddie Pinkney, Lu Carnicica, Big John Thompson, Roly Masimino, Jim Boyheim and Jim Calhoun played.

Old Madison Square Park
Old Madison Square Park© Bettmann / CORBIS

“When you step onto the stadium in MSG, you step into the greatest square in the greatest city in the world,” said Carnisica.

“There were so many wonderful moments for me, from the first time I was trained there in 1950 to my first major championship in the Middle East in 1982 – a jacket game and a retirement ad that arrives in the rafters park in 2001.

“It was an honor to follow the same court as many great coaches like Joe Labchik, Claire B, Nat Holman and Frank McGuire.”

You can be a young and broad anchor when Roberto Duran prepares to get around Davey Moore for the Junior Weight title.

“I was there on the Holy Land, the park, where some of the biggest battles in the history of boxing occurred … in the same episode that Ali and Frazier faced twice, along with many other legends in this sport,” Michael Bover said to the post. “I thought I was going to die and went to heaven. I didn’t know, or even dared dream, that for the next four decades I would experience this thrill many times.”

Duke legend Mike Krzewski could be honored after defeating St. John for the 1000th victory.

Coach K said, “This is the palace.”

The Sports Palace Theater in New York, where Michael and Kobe have always been driving.

Dream Garden.

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