He's burying more bodies, but his government denies it's Covid-19

The Minister of Health said that more than half of the unexplained deaths in April in Kano State, Nigeria, were caused by the coronavirus

Ianer said a government team sent to investigate the high number of deaths in the state during April showed that 979 people had died in eight municipalities, with an average of 43 deaths per day.

Deaths reached their peak in the second week of April and death numbers later decreased to 11 per day in early May – the state’s typical daily death rate – According to the minister.

He said that most of the deaths occurred at home and in patients over 65 years old with pre-existing diseases.

“With apparent evidence that everything is going through, investigations indicate that between 50-60% of deaths may have been due to or due to Covid-19, in the face of pre-existing diseases,” said Ianier. Monday briefing.

High mortality

President Muhammadu Buhari closed Kano state for two weeks in April after reports of “Mysterious deaths” The spread of panic that the virus may have circulated without being detected in the region.
While grave digger She told CNN they were burying more bodiesState authorities said that preliminary investigations showed that the deaths were unrelated to coronavirus, and initially blamed meningitis, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.
The state governor said a team of WHO health officials had been sent to the affected communities to investigate the deaths.

During a daily presidential briefing on the country’s response to Covid 19, Emanir said the team was able to provide support and strengthen the country’s response to the epidemic.

Nigeria has recorded 12,801 cases of coronavirus, with more than 1,000 cases in Kano State, according to the latest figures from State Center for Disease Control.

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