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The Ministry of Sports looks to regain recognition of 57 NSFs; Application files in Delhi HC

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Sports submitted an application to the Delhi High Court to allow it to return the provisional admissions of 57 National Sports Federations (NSF). Regardless of the 54 NSF who were granted recognition until September this year earlier in the month and later withdrawn due to a court order, the ministry also requested restoration of recognition of the Indian Golf Association (IGU), the Indian School Games Association and the Rowing Federation of India.

The Ministry of Sports is approaching Delhi HC regarding the restoration of recognition of NSFs

“Respondent No. 1 / MYAS submits an immediate request for honorable court approval to give temporary annual recognition for 2020 to the 54 NSFs concerned and revoke / restore the suspended / detained government’s recognition of 3 NSFs … thus granting the annual annual recognition for 2020 until 30.09.2020 Under the exceptional circumstances prevailing due to COVID-19.

Pictured: Delhi High Court.IANS file photo

“It is respectfully recognized that failure to renew the annual recognition of NSFs is detrimental to the overall development of sport, especially for athletes / athletes who have become morale at present due to COVID-19 where all training and competitions have been suspended.”

The court indicated earlier on June 24 that the Ministry and the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) had to “inform the court in advance” while making “any decision regarding the NSFs” according to an order issued on February 7 later, the ministry canceled the annual recognition it provided For 54 NSFs earlier in the month the next day.

IOA President Narender Patra said he hoped the matter would be dealt with quickly and that such a situation could harm India’s hopes of leaving a footprint in the Olympics.

IOA President Narinder Patra


“This can even lead to non-recognition. If any NSF says to the International Federation that we cannot do anything because the IOA does not give any permission. Then the IOA will say that we have to get approval from the court as we do then the ministry can enter in The government in the independent work of sports bodies and we will stop working.

“As citizens of India we have to follow the orders of the court and respect them and we will do them. And if that means not winning any medal at the Olympic Games so be it, then what can we do now,” Patra said.

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