The NBA sets the key dates for reboot despite concerns

The NBA sets the key dates for reboot despite concerns

Even as COVID-19 situations reach a new high in Florida, and NBA players are expressing concern for safety in living in a bubble in Orlando, the league has set a tougher schedule to end its season.

Although the health guidelines and league safety protocol have not yet been established since the NBA Board of Directors and the Players Consortium approved a 22-team reboot plan at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Disney, players will begin testing the coronavirus at 23 June, in preparation for the regular season that resumes July 30, according to multiple reports.

Mandatory training will begin on July 1 and teams will first arrive at the Disney campus on July 7 for additional health tests, before training camps open on July 9, until July 29. Teams will have a chance to get rid of the game rust early in July 21, with three schedules per squad.

The NBA has not yet completed the regular season’s eight-game schedule for each team – some teams had up to 18 games left before the suspension on March 11 – but the matches will be determined based on the remaining matches. A possible final game series will start on August 15, if Conference No. 8 and No. 9 are in four matches for each other. Class 9 will need to sweep a series of two games to advance, while Class 8 will only need to win one game.

The first round of NBA playoffs can start on August 17 – or before that in the event the gameplay does not occur – with limited family members / guests allowed to enter the Disney Building for the first time on August 30, when the eight semifinals of the conference are set .

The conference finals are scheduled to start on September 15, with the first NBA Finals beginning on September 30. Match 7 will end no later than October 13.

All dates are subject to change.

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