A pedestrian walks down Ocean Drive in Miami July 4.

The new US record for the highest incidence of coronavirus in a single day was recorded in Florida

Passengers wearing face masks ride a metro in downtown Sao Paulo on June 29, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Alexander Schneider / Getty Images

Brazil celebrated the 50th day of the official absence of the Minister of Health on Saturday, as the coronary virus pandemic that has infected more than 1.5 million of its citizens, and killed at least 63,000, remains in control of the country.

This position has been temporarily held by Army General Eduardo Patzuelo, who has no medical experience, since the resignation of the last Health Minister, Nelson Tech, on May 15.

Tich, who has spent less than a month in office, left amid criticism from President Yair Bolsonaro that he was “too shy to push for the economy to reopen and call for the use of chloroquine.” Tech has given no reason for his resignation.

Tish’s predecessor, Louise Henrique Mandita, who advocated social exclusion measures and the use of masks was launched by Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro, who often defies the guidelines for the social distance recommended by most health experts and has described the virus as a “small flu”, has been criticized and widely criticized for reducing the severity of the virus.

On Friday, Bolsonaro objected to parts of a law providing for wearing face masks in public during the epidemic. The use of masks in shopping malls, stores, religious temples, educational institutions and other enclosed spaces where people congregate will not be mandatory, but each individual country and municipality can enforce these measures.

Brazil has the second largest number of coronavirus infections and deaths in the world after the United States.

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