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The official body says the death toll in the UK is 50,000

At least 50,413 people died, as of late May, with Covid-19 being included in the death certificate, according to the England and Wales Office of National Statistics (ONS), the National Records of Scotland, and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

The office said 45,748 died of the virus in England and Wales as of May 29.

Another 3,911 died in Scotland as of May 31 754 died with the virus in Northern Ireland as of May 29.

The UK has the second largest number of coronavirus deaths in the world. The death toll exceeded only by the United States, which recorded more than 111,000 deaths.

These latest data differ from the official count of the British government. The British Ministry of Health and Welfare (DHSC) has reported only 40,680 coronavirus deaths, which is the number included in Johns Hopkins University. Dashboard Coved 19.

The difference between the number of dead is caused by different counting methods. DHSC records only deaths where the deceased was previously diagnosed with the Coronavirus, unlike the disease that was discovered after death.

The UK has officially recorded 288,834 coronavirus cases, the highest overall case in Europe.

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