Remember when Trump refused to release his tax returns?

The Supreme Court’s decision on Trump’s tax records is more urgent than ever (opinion)

The White House insists that President Donald Trump has not been seen in intelligence reports – asking the question why this might be the case, if true. However, on Tuesday night, The New York Times reported That President Trump, was already briefed on Russian rewards in February – three months before his unilateral offer of an invitation Russia to the G7 meetings.
At least, he fits into a long style of Trump and his team avoiding confrontation with Vladimir Putin, despite constant provocations.
It also provides only the most recent and pressing examples of why so much of the Supreme Court decision on whether Trump taxes and business records can be delivered to House members and New York County attorneys. The verdict is expected this week.

This may be the Supreme Court decision that was closely monitored at this session, with enormous implications for the separation of powers and the ability of American voters to make a fully informed decision in the November presidential election.

Trump, of course, has broken decades of precedents in refusing to release his tax returns, often creating false excuses for why he could not do so (among them, he is subject to what will be the longest tax audit recorded in history). The truth is that he did everything in his power to avoid showing his money to the American people, as Attorney General Bill Barr is now acting as the president’s personal lawyer.
As CNN’s legal analyst Eli Honig notes: “In total, six different federal courts – three local and three appeals courts – have heard these cases, and all six have ruled against Trump.” Moreover, it appears that court cases arising out of corruption in the Warren G. Harding Administration – known as the teapot dome scandal – Apply directly. Suffix Law 1924 It states that the Treasury Secretary “must provide” this tax information requested by the relevant Congressional committee, which Treasury Secretary Steve Manuchin has refused to do, citing the absence of a “legitimate legislative purpose.”

But there is a clear public and legislative interest in knowing whether Trump has hidden business dealings with the Russians, which may explain his strange and persistent reluctance to confront Vladimir Putin on clear issues related to the U.S. national interest.

Before Trump’s political career, his son Eric repeatedly bragged about the ability to overtake her American banks Many refused to deal with Trump – because the company could get all the money it needed from Russia. In 2008, his son said without son Real estate conference “The Russians make up a largely disproportionate cross section of much of our assets … we see a lot of money flowing from Russia.” Reuters reported that almost 63 Russians have invested 100 million dollars In Trump buildings.
Russia has a notorious reputation Money laundering Two frequent destinations are luxury real estate and casinos – both of which were previously operated by Trump.
Trump's tax return issue stakes could not be higher
This is far from academic concern. CNN has reached at least 25 times that President Trump has been strangely kind to Russia – from depriving Moscow of meddling in the US elections in his favor, to suggesting that it could keep the occupied Ukrainian Crimea occupied, to undermine sanctions under Obama, to withdraw troops American from Syria, to praise pro-Russian leaders in Europe, to barriers against NATO.
In addition, we saw a pattern of administration officials being asked not to stir Russia and allegations of interference in the presidential election. The former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirsten Nielsen, has been told not to raise current concerns about interference in the 2020 elections by the Russians to the president because he will have a bad response. The Former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvani He told a senior administration official that “it was not a great topic and should be kept below its level.”
In fact, when news of Russian rewards erupted, the White House ignored the substance and refused to talk about revenge on Russia. Instead, as CNN’s Marshall Cohen pointed out in analyzing the facts checking the White House press secretary’s comments: “During her press conference, (Kylie) McKinney spent more time criticizing American journalists than Russia’s condemnation of its aggressive moves against American interests, which It includes rewards in Afghanistan, interference in the 2016 elections, and hostilities in Syria and Ukraine. ”

“This smell is trying to mislead the public,” added Susan Hennessy, national security analyst for CNN. “It is common for different information agencies to have different degrees of trust based on the basic information method; this is not the same as the dispute over the existence of something.”

Court monitors caution There is no guarantee that President Trump’s trade records or taxes will be shared with the public anytime soon, even if the two cases are lost in the court’s decision. For example, New York District Attorney C. Vance issued subpoenas to Trump taxes in the context of a grand jury investigation, and the court will keep this information closely. But accountability will lead to more transparency than we were in the past on an urgent issue that continues to confuse even some of Trump’s allies: Why does Trump continue to praise Putin despite persistent provocations?

The American people deserve to know the truth about Trump and Russia. In order to find the truth, we need to follow the money. The Supreme Court can soon decide whether the truth – or party politics – will prevail before the American people go to the polls in November.

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