Why this 'sick to my stomach' quote proves exactly what is wrong with the Trump White House

This man harbored dozens of protesters at his home in Washington, D.C., to protect them from arrest

Mayor Muriel Boozer ordered From 7 pm until 6 am a citywide curfew on Monday In response to sometimes violent protests against police brutality after George Floyd’s death last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One of the demonstrators told CNN that the crowd was walking away from the White House on Monday evening and they ended up in a residential neighborhood where the police surrounded them.

The protester, who asked not to be named only as Mika, told CNN that the protest was peaceful and people were just trying to figure out what to do.

“I think someone gave an order, and they just started pushing us, spraying the scepter, treading people, and then everyone started to panic,” said the 22-year-old college student.

He looked around and saw his friend running on the stairs to a nearby house and a man waving to protesters to enter.

“I just ran towards the steps, I took the steps and just started entering as quickly as possible,” said Mika. “At the moment, I didn’t know if the decision was the right one, but I think it was.”
He said he looked out the window and saw more police officers can count, and many people were arrested abroad.

Peter Nisham, head of the Metropolitan Police Department, said on Tuesday that none of the protesters had been arrested inside the house and that the officers “were in constant contact with that house throughout the evening.”

Nisham said 300 people were arrested on Monday evening, including 194 in the area around the home of Rahul Dube.

Duby said Affiliated with CNN WJLA He was on his knees and left some protesters charging their phones indoors and using his bathroom before entering the police. “There was a big explosion and there was a spray that started my eyes burning, screaming as I’ve never heard before and I described it as a” human tsunami “which is the best I can see for about a quarter of a block going down the street.”

He said he was shouting “Go in and go home” for 10 minutes.
Duby told WJLA that about 70 protesters had entered, and it was a “chaos” for about an hour and a half as they tried to settle in and help people sprinkled with pepper.

CNN could not reach Dubey to comment.

Mecha told CNN that he was unable to sleep on Monday night, and that the police had tried several times to push the protesters out.

He said that at some point, Dubi managed to deliver the pizza, and some community members brought food.

Becca Thimmesch lives two blocks from Dubey and says she and three other people stayed on his plane overnight to monitor police activity and check protesters.

She said they also worked to organize trips to return the youth to their homes once the curfew was lifted.

“Then, at about five o’clock, and an hour after the curfew, community members began to appear left and right as they brought food, water, hand sanitizers and their cars, and they offered to take people,” Timimmich said.

She said she had more volunteers than they needed when the protesters got out, so many of them stayed and helped with cleaning.

Earlier on Monday, authorities used rubber bullets and tear gas to purge protesters from Lafayette Park so President Trump could visit the St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Themish said she saw many other residents on the street allow protesters to enter their homes.

She said, “There is currently a global pandemic and we have been told,“ Don’t let the people in your house don’t share the space with the people. ”“ As you know, these random people have made what I consider a great sacrifice, to try to ensure the safety of the young people who did not know. ”

Duby told WJLA that he considered the family of young protesters and that he was relieved to receive messages and messages that were all safe at home.

“I hope my 13-year-old son will grow up to be as amazing as they are,” he said.

“I hope that they will continue to fight and I hope that they will go out there today in peace, as they did yesterday, and not overlook because our country needs them, and it needs you and everyone more than ever before.”

Lauren Konig of CNN contributed to this article.

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