Tiffany Haddish shaves her head directly on Instagram

Tiffany Haddish shaves her head directly on Instagram

A comedian, who used to play sports on the spot Quarantine, Shaved her hair on Tuesday as he watched her followers on Instagram Live.

During the live broadcast, Hadeesh smiled widely because she grabbed scissors and proceeded to cut off their extensions themselves. Then she took the scissors to the rest of her mane, and later a friend used a pair of clippers to complete the transformation.

The 40-year-old star explained in the video explanation that she decided to cut her hair because she wanted to get a fresh perspective on a previously hidden part of her body, where she wrote: “I cut all my hair because I want to see my scalp.”

She added: “I know my whole body and I know where every mole is but I don’t know my scalp. So hello to Sheheeady’s scalp for everything.”

In a follow-up clip, the actress “Journey of the Girls” addressed all the commentators who expressed their concern about changing her radical style saying: “There is nothing wrong with my mind, guys. I don’t have any affection * * nothing. I literally talked about this for years “.

Hades revealed that she was glad to take a break from preserving her tufts.

“As a black woman – I do not know about white women – but as a black woman, this is a good hour to two or three hours from the day of your possession. Even if your hair is braided, you must grease your scalp, you must tie them at night, you must make sure they are They look neat, it’s a lot of work. So, I’m taking a vacation! “

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