Trump accepts Republican nomination without a press: RNC official

Trump accepts Republican nomination without a press: RNC official

WASHINGTON, United States (CNN) – A vote on President Donald Trump’s re-nomination will be held in a private session later this month, without the presence of journalists, a Republican National Conference spokesperson, citing the coronavirus, said.

While Trump scrapped the general components of the agreement in Florida last month, citing cases of high HIV across the country, 336 delegates are scheduled to meet in Charlotte, North Carolina, on August 24 to formally vote to make Trump the Republican Party standard pregnant again.

It is customary that the nominations for the agreements are the media, as political parties seek to attract the attention that events attract to spread their message to the largest possible number of voters. If the Republican Party’s decision is in place, it will be the first nominating convention in modern history to be closed to journalists.

“In view of the restrictions and health restrictions in force in North Carolina, we are planning to close Charlotte’s activities on Friday August 21 – Monday August 24,” said a spokeswoman for the conference. “We are happy to let you know if this is changing, but we work within the parameters that state and local guidelines have set for us regarding the number of people who can attend events.”

In particular, some Republican Party delegations have raised logistical issues with travel to any of the cities, citing the increasing number of jurisdictions that impose mandatory quarantine orders on travelers returning from countries with high levels of the virus.

The sub-group of delegates in Charlotte will cast proxy votes on behalf of more than 2,500 delegates at the conference. Delegates and alternate guests have already been banned.

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