Trump moved the Tulsa march to June 20 `` out of respect '' for Juneteenth

Trump moved the Tulsa march to June 20 “ out of respect ” for Juneteenth

President Trump moved his planned career in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a day out of “respect” for June 19, on Twitter on Friday.

The campaign rally, originally scheduled for Friday, June 19, will be held on Saturday, June 20.

Trump wrote in a series of tweets “The Original History Occurred” on the nineteenth day of the feast. “Many of my African-American friends and supporters have continued to suggest that we think about changing history away from respecting this holiday, and taking into account this important occasion and all that it represents.”

The nineteenth day coincides with the day when President Lincoln’s signature of the Declaration of Liberation arrived in Texas, the last state where slaves learned of their freedom.

The rally’s speech infuriated the Democrats because it promised large crowds during the coronary virus pandemic and was planned for June 19, despite Trump’s describing George Floyd demonstrators across the country as “thugs”, “anarchists” and “local terrorists”.

The march site annoys the opponents.

Tulsa was in 1921 the site where crowds of white rioters attacked the black population, their homes and businesses in a historic section of the city known as “Black Wall Street”. Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands displaced.

The president said his campaign had done I registered over 200,000 ticket requests For this event, its first gathering since the coronavirus pandemic. Supporters who attend the event must first sign a disclaimer that will bear all responsibilities in the event of COVID-19 arrest.

In an interview with the Oval Office last month, Trump told The Post that he saw his marches crucial to his campaign, saying he would be in “a disadvantage” if COVID-19 banned the marches before Election Day in November.

“I hope we can restore the rallies before the elections. Trump said in the interview, I really think it is very important.

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