Ukraine has seized the bribery scheme of the company that employed Hunter Biden

Ukraine has seized the bribery scheme of the company that employed Hunter Biden

Ukrainian officials seized a $ 6 million cash bribe – the largest in state history – in a case related to the founder of Burisma Holdings, the gas company that gave Hunter Biden a seat on its board of trustees.

The bribery case has nothing to do with the son of Vice President Joe Biden of Ukraine The investigators said on Saturday In a press conference revealed the scheme.

According to the “Kiev Post”, millions of US $ 100 bills they displayed, wrapped with rubber bands and kept in transparent plastic bags, were intended to reward senior anti-corruption officials. Three people have been arrested, including a current tax official and a former official.

The suspects, all of them colleagues of former Environment Minister Mykola Zloshevsky, are alleged to have used the money as a bribe to stop a state investigation into a embezzlement plot that drove Zlochivsky into exile.

Zlochevsky, a relative of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was suffering from the scandal, is the founder of Burisma, which was at the center of the isolation case against President Donald Trump earlier this year.

It also shows in a Senate ongoing investigation that Hunter Biden had benefited from his father’s role in foreign policy during the Obama administration. Joe Biden was responsible for US policy toward Ukraine at the time when his son was appointed to sit on the Boris Council.

“Let’s finish this once and for all. Biden Jr. and Biden Sr. do not appear in this particular procedure,” Nizar Khlodnetsky, head of the anti-corruption investigations at the Public Prosecution Office, Saturday said.

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