Updates from all over the world

Updates from all over the world

The UK government has denied British media reports that the publication of its review of how the coronavirus pandemic has affected BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) societies has been delayed by Protests in the United States On the death of George Floyd.

The report, which analyzes how different factors – including race, sex and obesity – could affect people’s health outcomes from Covid-19, was to be published by the end of May, according to Public Health England.

He was commissioned by England’s chief physician Chris Whitette in April, amid fears that he would be the Corona virus pandemicDisproportionatelyAffects black and ethnic minority communities.

“There are a number of reasons for this, and it is true that we are conducting comprehensive research quickly so that we can better understand it and take the necessary measures,” said Minister of Communities Robert Jenrick on April 18.

In response to CNN’s questions about the reason for the delayed report, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare said in a statement:

Ministers received the preliminary results yesterday [Monday]. It is being considered quickly and a report will be published this week. “

“It is not correct to say that this has been postponed due to global events,” the spokesman added.

The UK’s opposition leader, Kerr Ker Starer, called on the government on Tuesday to “stop excuses” and “post the review” in a post on Twitter.

“BAME communities have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. We need to publicize the results of this review and take action now.”

Marsha de Cordova, the shadow minister for women’s affairs and equality in the Labor Party, urged the government to set a date for publication, saying “its results can save lives.

“The government has already delayed publishing the report from the end of May. BAME communities across the country need to be assured that this issue is taken seriously and is not being pushed into the long grass,” she said.

“It is unacceptable to delay issuing a report on the unequal suffering of the BAME community on the basis of global events related to the suffering of black communities around the world.”

At the beginning of May, I found the London-based Institute for Financial Studies (IFS) analysis Ethnic minorities in England and Wales were dying from the Corona virus at rates much higher than their white peers.

And the research institution found that after eliminating age and geography, people of African black backgrounds would likely die 3.7 times in hospital due to illness from their white British counterparts. Death rates for those from Pakistani backgrounds were 2.9 times higher than the British White Group, while deaths in Bangladesh were twice that.

The association said that the British study highlighted “blatant inequality” between different ethnic groups in England and Wales.

University of London College analysis of the National Health Service data on patients who had a positive Covid-19 test who died in hospitals in England from March 1 to April 21 that the average hospital risk of death from the virus was two to three times higher for BAME groups in England , Compared to the general population.

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