Verifying the facts: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Twitter account was not compromised; Fake screenshot

3D printed Twitter logo through broken glass, shown in this illustration captured on February 8, 2016.Photography: Dadu Rovich – Reuters

Dozens of prominent Twitter accounts were hacked on Thursday, and they questioned the security of the microblogging platform. From Elon Musk to Bill Gates and many others have fallen victim to an elaborate cyber attack on their official Twitter handles, which was then used to trick Bitcoin. Predators reportedly made more than $ 100,000 in a few minutes. Twitter is still investigating the problem and the source of the hack is unknown as of this writing.


Amidst all the chaos on Twitter, as users were posting a list of compromised accounts, the name of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also appeared among those whose Twitter accounts were hacked. A screenshot showing Netanyahu’s official handling of Twitter tweeting a Bitcoin scam message in the Israeli language has become pervasive, indicating a hack into his account.

Netanyahu tweet

Reality check

IBTimes is investigating whether Netanyahu’s only non-English account was hacked and it appears that there were no suspicious Tweets from his account. In fact, the screenshot that is widely shared on social media platforms is fake. Note that all accounts compromised so far this evening are in English

To prevent fraud from spreading viruses, verified Twitter accounts cannot be tweeted until the problem is resolved.

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