Vanitha Vijayakumar and Vijay

When Thalabathy Vijay’s mother pleaded literally to go out for fire

Vijay He is one of the well-dressed actors in southern India, but he was not the same in his early days in the film industry. In fact, the actor was not impressed with the costumes she was offered to wear, and in one case he refused to come to film.

Vijay.Public relations bulletin

Vanita Vijayakumar I opened up to the accident. The actress worked with her Vijay In the 1995 movie Chandralikha. “While shooting God United nations Song of Anai in the movieChandralikhaVijay He refused to leave his room to shoot because he did not like the outfit given to him. Shobha My aunt It was Oh really “I begged him to go out and shoot,” The Times quoted India as saying in a recent interview.

Vanita Vijayakumar and Vijay

Vanita Vijayakumar and Vijay.Public relations bulletin

“There was no designer at the time.”
However, the Flushing The contestant Boss Tamil 3 claims that Vijay Learn a lot about fashion over the years. “There was no designer at the time, and the artist had to wear only the clothes that are sewn and given by customers. We were all young at the time, and it is understandable how he felt with fashion.”

VanitaDaughter of a veteran actor Vijayakumar And the late actress ManjulaShe worked in a few films before filing. Recently, she was in the spotlight after entering Kamal Hassan Flushing Tamil Boss House 3.

Undoubtedly, Vanita She was the most hated contestant on the show, but her outspoken nature admired fans. Currently, she is a judge on the comedy show Calca Bovatho Yaaru.

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