Why Kerala govt dismisses coronavirus community spread despite warning and assurance from IMA

Why Kerala government refuses to spread coronavirus community despite warning and confirmation from IMA

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With more than 673,904 positive cases and nearly 20,000 deaths, a new coronavirus pandemic continues to cause chaos across India. Kerala, the southern state of India that initially flattened the coronavirus curve effectively, also appears to be failing to contain the epidemic, and according to the latest statistics, there are 2156 active cases in the state.

Coronary society spread in Kerala?

A few hours ago, officials of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) revealed that a coronavirus community was already spreading in Kerala. According to the IMA, the number of patients whose source of unaffected communication is increasing is increasing every day, and it clearly indicates the spread of the community in the state.

It should be noted that on Saturday alone, there were 240 positive cases of coronavirus in Kerala state, and among them 17 people were infected with the virus by spreading it from one person to another. As panic emerges, the Kerala state government repeatedly asserts that the spread of society has not occurred in the state. However, skeptics believe that the authorities are involved in deliberate cover-up, as the spread of society will tarnish the image of the LDF government in front of the general public.

A few hours ago, Minister Kadakampally Surendran admitted that the situation in the state is very dangerous, and people must be more vigilant to protect themselves from the virus. Despite acknowledging the chaos prevailing in the country, Surendran reveals that no COVID-19 community exists in the state.

The capital is on high alert

Meanwhile, Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala state, was put on high alert after a Zomato food delivery boy, medical representative, and senior civilian police officer were tested for coronavirus infection in successive days. Shockingly, a proven COVID-19 medical representative visited several hospitals in Kazhakkoottam, and was in contact with several healthcare professionals and doctors.

Speaking of conditions in Thiruvananthapuram, Surendran reveals that the state capital is currently on top of a dangerous volcano that may erupt at any time. He also urged people to maintain safe social exclusion measures to combat possible societal expansion that may happen at any time.

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