Yaron Boone Yankees is happy with the efficiency of the first exercise

Yaron Boone Yankees is happy with the efficiency of the first exercise

The Yankees did their first formal exercise of spring training 2.0, playing and working in the empty Yankee Stadium.

“It was definitely different,” said Jordan Montgomery. “But it’s like working in Tampa on an empty field. Trying to get your job, stay focused and keep my safety as possible.”

Unlike the many back fields that Yankees are accustomed to at their Tampa complex, they had to use the only field on the Yankee Stadium as they adjust to their new situation.

After the first day, director Aaron Boone said he was happy with how effective it was.

Bon, who believed that Masahiro Tanaka had been hit by Gancarlo Stanton early in the exercise, said the day’s shift had changed. “Masahiro struck him out of the air and caused little fear for everyone.”

But he liked what he saw from the team’s work.

“From an operational point of view, I thought we were in a good position,” Boone said. “We used four hills of oxen and that’s a good job. It was a little longer for our trained staff, but we were in a good position in terms of the facilities with the actors we needed.”

He said the team will have to be “creative” in how they work and with different team building exercises, describing the situation as “a completely different animal.”

The most difficult amendment to date, the Montgomery said, was the prohibition of spitting and finger licking on the hill.

“You were better.

Aaron Hicks added some time to get used to wearing masks while working indoors.

Aaron Boone
Aaron BooneAp

Hicks said: “It is the new normal.” “It takes some time to get acclimated to the baseball field. You want to engage in a conversation and ask you to stay at a distance.”

He was keen while doing exercise indoors in Arizona and believed that the team would do the same this season.

“It was definitely a conversation, to honor each other,” Hicks said. “We all need to be responsible both on and off the field. We all want to win and we want to be here. The goal here is to win the championship. We need everyone to be healthy.”

Aaron Hicks, who returned from Tommy John’s surgery, said he felt “ready for the game” but admitted that he still hadn’t found full consistency with his throw after October’s procedure.

When asked if he was throwing “100 percent”, Hicks replied, “One hundred percent? It takes some time. I feel ready for the game now to compete and be consistent on the field.”

Hicks said the issue now is speed.

“Some go out, others don’t,” Hicks said. “There is some inconsistency. This is very normal during the process.”

Hicks added that he was closely following the nationwide protests after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which led to more focus on the Black Life movement.

“I feel it is a very strong movement now,” said Hicks. “It is something I definitely want to be a part of. It is something that happens all my life: black lives go unnoticed.”

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