Zaha, the English Premier League star, is being subjected to racial abuse on social media

Zaha, the English Premier League star, is being subjected to racial abuse on social media

Crystal “Star and Ivory Coast star wrote on Twitter,” Wake up to this day, “and then showed what was sent by a user who seemed to be a fan of Palace’s opponent in Sunday’s match, Aston Villa.

This person wrote: “It is better not to record tomorrow, black, or I will come to your home in a ghost.”

There was a picture accompanying Ku Klux Klan and a grain box named “** c chips”.

West Midlands police said on Twitter that they were looking for the identity of the account owner and encouraged the former Manchester United winger to report the incident to local police.

Crystal Palace described the abuse as an “absolute shame” on Twitter and said it “should not happen”.

Aston Villa then reposted the London Club statement, vowing to issue a life-long ban to the person who posted the abuse.

“We regret the disgusting racist messages sent to wilfriedzaha. We condemn all forms of racial discrimination and stand with CPFC,” wrote the club, which is based in Birmingham, central England.

“We are working with the police to investigate this very serious issue and when the perpetrator is identified the AVFC will issue a lifelong ban.”

English Premier League statement

The Premier League, widely regarded as the most watched football league in the world, also condemned the perpetrator’s actions.

“This behavior is totally unacceptable and the Premier League stands by wilfriedzaha in opposing this, and being discriminated against in any way. There is #NoRoomForRacism, anywhere,” she tweeted.

“We will continue to support players, managers, coaches and their family members who are subjected to serious discriminatory abuse online. Through our dedicated reporting system, we can take immediate action on such cases.”

Late last month, the university launched a system that “will enable players, managers and coaches to notify them of” serious and discriminatory violations “that are received via direct messages on social media platforms.

“Each case will be reviewed, the relevant social media company informed, investigated and legal action taken, as appropriate,” the association said.

Roy Hodgson, the palace director, said before the Villa match that the individual’s actions were “cowardly” and “despicable”. He praised Zaha for being public.

Hodgson told Sky Network: “It is very sad on the day of the match that the player wakes up to this cowardly and despicable abuse.”

“I think it’s true that Wolff has made people know about her. I don’t think it’s something he should calm down on.

“I think it is very good that our club, Aston Villa and the Premier League are doing everything in their power to find out who this despicable person is and one can only hope that they are identified and will be held accountable and will pay for these actions.

“There is literally no excuse. There is no excuse at all.”

Previous cases

Zaha was the victim of a racist assault last year, and he said he received death threats after winning a kick against Palace against Arsenal in October 2018.

The boss of Kick It Out, who according to his Twitter lab has “campaigned for equality since 1993” He told CNN in February He believes racism in sport is “worse now than it was five years ago.”

Sanjay Bhandari said: “Football is completely different from what it was in the 1970s. Racism is not the endemic thing it was in the 1970s.” “For 40, 50 years? We definitely did [made progress]. But it is worse than it was five years ago, and it is worse than it was seven years ago. “

“We are very disappointed that Wilf Zha was once again subjected to targeted racist abuse,” Kick It Out said on Sunday on Twitter.

“Those who continue to choose professional athletes in this way must be brought to justice and face the most powerful consequences.”

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